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Disable Chunkloading for Quarries without disabling the Quarry


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Exactly what the title says, I want to enable quarries WITHOUT them chunk loading. I know this is 100% possible because I used to be on a server that had it setup, you'd place the quarry, and it would SAY it was chunkloading that area, but if you left, it in fact would NOT be chunk loading.

If I edit anything in the forgechunkloading.cfg it breaks quarries and won't let me use them

I've tried editing ChickenChunks.cfg per some suggestions, that doesn't work

I've modified things in the build craft config, that doesn't work

adding this code:

BuildCraft|Factory {

# Maximum chunks per ticket for the mod.


# Maximum ticket count for the mod. Zero disables chunkloading capabilities.



to forgechunkloading.cfg makes quarries not work at all.

and I KNOW this is possible because a server did it, I asked them how and they have since reset their files to default so whoever did it must no longer be a part of it. (I'm friends with current and old admins of the server and none of them were the ones that set it up)

so HOW did this person make it work? I've SEEN it work so I KNOW it can be done.

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