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OpenGL Error Causing Crashes?


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Hey there, I recently installed the Technic Launcher, as well as the 64 bit version of Java in order to allocate more memory to MC.

I can run the game and get connected to a server, then play for anywhere between one to five minutes before I either get alt-tabbed over to a screen warning of an OpenGL error (I'm running a Superclocked GTX 570 so I was kind of surprised the issue had to do with graphics).

After the first error, I updated my Nvidia driver and did a clean installation, I also uninstalled Java and redownloaded and re-installed the 64 bit version. None of my fixes have worked however as I am still running into crashes that result in either an OpenGL error, or my machine will restart itself.

Here's the error:


Any ideas for what the issue could be?

Also if you need any more information let me know and I'll get it to you ASAP.


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