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[1.0.6] IFMR Tekkit [PvP/Grief Allowed][40][Greylist*]


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IFMR is a gaming community that has kept quiet for quite a while. I'm trying to push us back out into the spotlight again, moving forward on multiple Projects, including this one.

All mods are currently allowed.

Additional plugins include mcMMO and several serverside management related plugins.

More plugins will be added later, our staff is working on Permissions to allow for more complex plugins.

This server is by no means finalized, so look forward to many updates and additions in the coming future.

Current plans for improvement:

-Decorated Spawn area

-Additional plugins for




-Moderator Recruiting

-Builder Recruiting


PvP Allowed.

Grief Allowed.

No hacking.

No cheating.

Do not disrespect server staff.

Server IP:

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