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[3.1.2]LulzCraft 100 slots Factions LWC GriefPrevention and Multiverse


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Hello guys and girls and thank you for viewing!

What our server had to offer for you!

No lag!

99% Up-time

Friendly Staff

Contests always going on to get ranks in-game money and items!

Multiple Minigames so you can enjoy games within a game!

Multiple worlds for the cut throat pvpers and the players that just want to build and play!

A player based economy you make your own shops to sell items to other players!

Grief Prevention to keep all them annoying griefers away from your stuffs!

PvP and Raiding for the pvp world grief as many players as you can this world is pretty much do whatever you want!

Staff is Always online to fix issues answer questions or just be your best friend! (cheesy comment of the week)

Rules that you must follow to be a great participant on our glorious server!

No duping AT ALL!!!

No hacked clients if you hack press end game when you connect to the server!

No griefing in pvp!

No asking for staff, but you can apply for it on the forums (must get 2 out of 3 votes from owner co-owner and head admin)

No asking staff for items, but we will help you build houses and factories!

Why you should choose us instead of all the other servers!

We take all of our players opinions as options to better our server or make it more unique than all the other ones.

We give out free DONATOR ranks to players that participate in contests or help other players! (give credit where credit is deserved)

We enjoy a great laugh and always enjoy having players come on teamspeak 3 to come and chat with us!

Thanks for reading,

Dustin AKA Redalert380

Owner of Lulzcraft

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