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[1.0.1]Hexxit Unknown-Degre[PvP-PvE-Raiding][30 slots][Open][Dimensional Doors removed]


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Hexxit Unknown-Degree


Step into a realm where anything is possible. Fight to stay alive in the world of Hexxit Unknown-Degree. Rise to the top to become the most powerful Faction. Destroy all the battle towers hidden throughout the map. Battle everything from giant Ghasts to the deadly Hydra.. Find Naga lurking through the shadows. Discover what Hexxit can really be.

We Operate on a Player based economy. Meaning there is no Server Shop. You can make a shop for your fellow players.

Banned items: Ender bow, Rift sword.

We want this server to be as fun as possible without removing the challenges along with it.

We strive for a 24/7 uptime. We do have hourly restarts to help prevent server crashes.

Thank you for reading the post. Hope to see you soon!

Ip : hexxit.unknown-degree.com

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