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[0.6.5] FireCraft [PvE] [20 slots (for now)] [Greylist] [NO MODS REMOVED]

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IP: (better connection) or IP: Playfirecraft.tk (easier to remember)

Rules: No hacking, be respectful, and ABSOLUTELY NO GRIEFING, GRIEFERS WILL BE BANNED!!!

This server is pure tekkit lite, there are no mods removed, and no blacklisted items (at least until one becomes a problem)

Major Plugins: Essentials, thats it, more plugins = more lag, so I am keeping the plugins to a minimum to prevent server lag! :)

Description: I was tired of playing alone.

Uptime: All week, but because it is run off of my computer, it will not be 24/7, but it will be pretty close.

Graylist only for applicants, no website yet, staff not needed yet, but may vary depending on popularity of the server

Pictures: sorry guys, but it is impossible for me to insert my own pictures :(

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