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[3.1.2] Tek Inc. [40 Slots] [PvP] [Raid] [Grief] [Factions] [24/7]


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Welcome to Tek Inc., a server made specifically for survival enthusiasts. With the perfect mix of plugins, Tek Inc. provides with some of the best Tekkit Classic game play experience there is!

Welcome! Welkom! Velkommen! Herzlich Willkommen! Bienvenue!

Why Join Tek Inc.?

1. Mature & Experienced Staff!

Tek Inc. is a Tekkit Classic server that isn't managed by your standard server admin. Tek Inc. consists of a team of experienced and mature admins. On this server, you won't have admins that are clueless and new to the job, we know exactly what we're doing. You won't have admins running around smiting players and abusing their powers, instead, you'll find the admins very kind and extremely helpful.

2. Our Plugins!

As of July 1st, 2013, Tek Inc. has a total of 18 both useful and fun plugins. If you'd like a complete list of commands for any of the above plugins, just scroll down until you find a list containing all of the server commands that are currently available as a default player.

3. No Spammers!

Don't like spam? Nor do we. Here at Tek Inc., we have a plugin that will automatically kick spammers, even if they're spamming a command!

4. Dedicated & Lag-Free Server!

Tek Inc. is online 24/7 unless we are undergoing server maintenance, which is very rare as our current server uptime is 100% (check Minestatus banner). If you're tired of those laggy servers, come join us here at Tek Inc.!! We're constantly managing the server's memory status to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Server Rules

  • Do not spam chat, commands, or private messages.
  • Drop parties are strictly prohibited and will result in a PERMANENT ban.
  • Swearing and racism are allowed in moderation.
  • Respect all server staff members.
  • Exploits are strictly prohibited and will result in a PERMANENT ban.
  • Advertising servers is prohibited and will result in a PERMANENT ban.



/back [Return to your previous location]

/ci [Clears your inventory]

/delhome [Deletes your home]

/help [Displays the server's help menu]

/home [Warps you to your home]

/list [shows a list of all online players]

/online [shows a list of all online players]

/motd [Displays the message of the day]

/rules [shows the server's rules]

/sethome [sets your home to your current location]

/spawn [Warps you to spawn]

/tpa <player> [sends a teleportation request to a player]

/tpaccept [Accepts a teleportation request from another player]

/tpdeny [Denies a teleportation request from another player]

/msg <player> <message> [sends a private message to another player]


/f help [Displays a complete list of commands for factions]

Essentials Economy:

/pay <player> <amount> [Pays another player in-game money]

/money [Tells you how much in-game money you currently have]

The List of Admins

Owner: WillMillerAK

Admin: ThatNeonSquirrel

Admin: Open Position

Moderator: Open Position

Other Useful Information

Server IP:

TeamSpeak 3 IP: will be up as of July 2nd, 2013

Website (In Progress): tekinc.buycraft.net

Forums: coming soon

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