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[1.0.1]xCrafters Hexxit[PvP/PvE][100 slots][Open][DD Removed]


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Server IP: play.xcrafters.com

Website: http://xcrafters.com

Rules :

1. Don't ask for Op/Gm/items.

2. No PvP camping/Tpa/spawn killing.

3. No Chat/Tpa spamming of anykind.

4. No Duping of anykind.

5. No hacking of anykind.

6. No Drop parties.

7. No bug abuse(Report bugs on the forums).

Banned items:

- 6109:*:Ender Bow

- 5513:*:Box

- 7629:*:Magic pickaxe

- 2325:*:Camo

- 6410:*: Cata

- 7515:*:Horn

Mods removed :

Dimensional doors

Major plugins:

Clans, Essentials


Not a kids server. Server was made from scratch by the xcrafters development team.

Server runs on donations. If we run out of money server goes down... Sadly

Server has 20gb of ram and 1000mbps upload link

Sometimes the server crashes here and there but we try to keep the server up 24/7

More screenshots coming soon

Screenshots :


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I started playing this server last night and I can honestly say that this experience has been wonderful so far! Almost no lag compared to other servers, the admins are on and involved, and there are reasonable rules. There's 100 slots too, which is plenty of room. I recommend this server for a good pvp hexxit experience

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go figure, right when i say that ur server keeps crashing -_-

Thanks for the nice Comment :)

Sorry about the server crashes. since hexxit is fairly new there is still alot of bugs.

i hope to see you on the server soon

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