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[1.0.4]EliteHexxit[PvP/Factions/mcMMO][75 slots][Open/No Whitelist[No DimDoors]


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Server IP:

Server Rules:

1) No Swearing, Racism or Sexism

2) No Hacks

3) Respect all Players including Staff!

4) Play fair

5) No Caps in Chat

6) No advertising server IP's

7) Follow all staff's instructions

8) No asking for Items, Ranks or Money

9) Have fun and enjoy!

Mods Removed:

- Dimensional Doors (Lags the server)

Banned Items:

- EnderBow (Causes crashes)

- Dimensional Doors (Lags the server)


- Factions

- mcMMO

- WorldGuard

- WorldEdit

- ServerSigns

- BanItem

- GroupManager

- Essentials

- Announcer

- Vault

- ClearLag

- Votifier

- BuyCraft

- GAListener

- SurvivalGames

- ChestShop

- Lottery

- floAuction

- ScoreboardStats

- AutoRank


EliteHexxit is a new Hexxit server, It plugins such as Factions, mcMMO and loads more! The Server is farely new but hope to get some active players! Make sure to follow all rules and have fun!


- 24/7 unless crashes but that would be fixed!


We are looking for Players who will play and have fun and be responsible, which means follow all rules and don't always ask for staff. We are looking for staff but you are chosen by staff if you are mature and helpful!

Whitelist Application:

This server is not whitelisted! So no Whitelist applications needed



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