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[1.5.2] bigboony's Server [Custom Pack][PVE/PVP][Open 24/7][35 Slots][New Map]

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bigboony's UK Dedicated 24/7 Open Server


Hi there, I go by the name: alboon (bigboony) alboon was taken for minecraft. :(

This server runs my mod pack (alboons Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/alboons-server.139107)

Links and lists of all the mods are on the mod pack page.

IP: alboon.no-ip.biz:25566

If the server can handle it, I may increase the slot size.


Ideally players from UK or EU that speak English, so we can all play around at the same time, US players are welcome but ping/lag might be an issue?

TS server: alboon.no-ip.biz (30 Slots)

No banned items, this is a PVP server BUT please NO griefing! If this becomes an issue it will be changed to just PVE.

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Just a little update, I've notices that some people have had issues with spawn and building, so I've removed towny and related mods, it's messing to much with server rights etc, you'll just have to hide your stuff! I can use worldguard if needed to protect your stuff.

The spawn protection is still on, but it's now a lot closer to the spawn building.

Have fun! and sorry If I don't reply when I'm in game, I've just got a new addition to the family so I might be busy at times. :)

P.S Added IC2 to the server now, along with buildcraft and many more that are all in the mod pack!

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