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[1.0.1]Hero Hexx[PvP/RPG][150][Whitelist] From the creators of Herocraft!


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HeroHexx is a new Minecraft server based around the fantastic Hexxit mod pack. In addition we're adding several bukkit plugins to make the server even more fun, including bosses with 3x-5x their normal health, towns, economy, events, and so much more! With a dedicated staff looking to expand more, we ensure you have a great time!

We are currently in a pre-release stage, accepting whitelist applicants before we release the server for a full release. We're still in need of whitelister, mods and builders!

We host several different servers with a 99.9% availability, when you want to play minecraft, we'll be there! We own the physical hardware of the server so there will be enough spots for you AND your friends!


We have NOT released yet. The server is set to open on 7/5/2013 at 5PM CST. Apply now to become whitelisted so you can get in at launch! The Whitelist is external on the Minecraft Forums.

The blacklisted items list has not been compiled yet, but will be ready and announced upon release.

Our current IP can be found below!


if for some reason that doesn't work, try out this:



Head on over to


To find the whitelist application and more information about this server.

Pictures can also be found on the link above.

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