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[1.0.11] X-craft Voltz server


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Contact us @: [email protected]

X-Craft is a multi server community striving

to provide the best experience for the player that we can.

With friendly staff, great players and 24/7 up time

X-Craft should be your first and last stop in your search for a great

Minecraft experience.

We are running Two dedicated boxes across 5 servers to provide

you a friendly lag free community.


We have many servers to chose from with more planned in the future.

So no matter what your play style you should find something to suit you.

Our Cross Chat system will allow you to chat with any other players on a X-Craft

server. No matter which server they are on.

Want to voice chant with your friends or the other players on?

We have our own hosted Mumble server.

We have Rank system setup for Donators that is a cross server setup.

Meaning when you purchase a rank you will have that rank on every

X-Craft server. These special ranks give you access to special commands, Kits and


If PvP is your thing, then you have definitely found the right server for you! Voltz consists of various mods all focused around PvP and raiding.


Shops - Bedrock is the currency on the Voltz Server. Vote for our servers and receive 1 per vote to spend at the spawn shops.

PvP - There are no rules on PvP here. Hack and slash your way through your opponents!

Factions - Tired of going it alone? Join up with a faction or create your own.

Clear Lag - To keep the server running smoothly, clearlagg will run every 10 mins to remove floating entities.

18GB map already loaded! - We've taken the time to load 18GB of map which means no exploration lag! The chunks have been loaded to make sure Uranium ore IS present!

Online shop - Grab our donator ranks which work on ALL our servers - OR grab yourself one of our Voltz kits.


By playing on this server, you understand that:

You may be killed,

You may be killed ALLOT,

You may be raided,

You may be griefed.

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