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FML Download Error

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If you guys are experiencing any downloading problems like, the FML cannot download properly and would be stuck at %1. Then, I'll give you guys this video and hope that it'll help you with your FML problem.

No, this is not my video.

1. You download the 1.5.1 file version.

2. You go to %appdata% > Roaming > .technic > hexxit > lib

3. You extract the FML File you have downloaded and open it.

4. You'll see all the files here. You select all those files.

5. You go over to the Hexxit Lib folder and you delete all the files that are in there.

6. You go over to the FML folder. Copy and paste all the 6 files over to the Hexxit Lib folder.

Then, there you go. You have solved your FML problem.

If you need the download for the 1.5.1. I took it from the video's description.

So, here you go.


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