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Installation Z13


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Hello interwebs people! Some random nerd here to bring you a terrible and likely creeper-filled attempt at making a Voltz Map!

It's not much right now, and I won't be anything special with just lil' ol' me working on it. So here's what I'm gonna do.

I will finish this terrible map, THEN allow you guys to tell me what I should add to it! In after a few weeks of suggestions and such, I will release the world download of what may be the greatest Voltz map ever(or not)! So just post your suggestions in the reply-box-thingy and I'll tear myself away from my anime and maybe read some of them!

But only the best/craziest suggestions will actually be added to the map, so come up with some good ones guys!

Screenshots will be up eventually(no clue when, but today I feel super lazy(it's like normal lazy, only I'm wearing a cape!)so they might be up today or tomorrow).

So get posting people!

Credit to:

zachdeath13- Gotta credit myself, don't I?

The Yogscast- Inspiring me to make this map with their Voltz series

?????- PROFIT

ummmmm, that's all I can think of for now XD

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