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My plain looking house.


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I was just bored and wanted to share some screenshots of my house.

This is the outside of my house. I don't think it's much.


The first floor. Pretty simple. Just a bed. a personal anchor, a thaumcraft 3 arcane worktable, a computer and printer stitting on a table and chair from jammy furniture mod.There's also some crystal chests in the corner, and i have some iron furnaces from industrialcraft, but they're out of the picture.


The top view of my house. I use glass so i can see all the floors of my house. I also like having a glass floor. :)


I have not added anything to the top floor yet, I'm still thinking of what to use it for...


The same thing can be said for the basement. I'll probably reserve this for dangerous experiments...


This garden is just outside of my house. Something is always trampling my farmland, but i am yet to figure out what. It's probably the sinister bunnies, or the ostrich from mo'creatures, it looks suspicious... ;)


My thaumcraft workshop. I just got started on it. Infusion alter on the left, and the crucible on the right, equipped with alembics.


And... that ends my presentation. Thanks for looking at my screenshots. I feel my little workplace can get some innovation, but this is early game. By the way, don't ask about this pack, this was compiled for me and i do not plan on making this for downloading.

EDIT: I figured out that birds and insects flew over my fence to trample my farmland, so I made a greenhouse out of glass to keep them out.

This is what the garden looks like now:


Gotta hate those pests. ;)

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