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Tekkit Lite Flatland survival series: Need 2-3 Users.

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Hey guys, SyntheticFlame here. I am going to be doing a tekkit lite survival series. I am asking for 2 players. 3 at the most. I am 13 years of age but I am mature. I would like to do some form of Tekkit, but any preloaded Technic Pack is okay. Standards are following.

-Must be pleasant to be around

-Must have Skype w/ Comp mic or some form of verbal communication.

-Must be around my age (14, 15, 12)

-Must know how to set up a server in case of possible comp failure

Requirements for responses are following.

-Skype Name

-Time Zone

-Skills (building, fighting, etc.)

- Age

-Reason for wanting to play (Optional)

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