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Server Damage

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i'm hosting a server for me and my friend and we build like crazy but want to do Survival. when I turn monsters on they attack us but we take 0 damage. I use the Server download from here and the launcher. other then that I have command list and world edit. is there a idea as of why may server doesn't allow damage. not even fall damage. and where not in creative and the server is not in creative. what am I doing wrong??

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I tried that. and it wont launch. I downloaded the new server files umm 1.0.6 and it keeps telling me End of Stream. is there a Tekkit Classic server download?

I know there is... dummy i am... lol i'll just redownload the server and try it.

Update: I just Redownload the Classic server and we are just going to go off that. it runs with Survival and all that goodies so where good. thanks for the help Vivacity!

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