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Huge square hole that goes down when i logged into my server


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Oh that's weird. I've seen it happen before in my singleplayer world where there was just multiple square holes all the way to bedrock with the surface on the bottom of the hole. Don't worry about it. Minecraft glitches and does that sometimes if you have to create a new world. There may be a way to fix it I'm not sure but it looks sick to me like an amazing place to build a house. Or start a cactus farm.

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So, i log into my server and i fall down a huge chunk square, and its all just gone. took off part of my house and everything.

is there a reason this happened.its happened twice

There is a thread on minecraftforum.net that seems to address issues such as you've described, check there and see if your situation matches what is described there.

Thread link below:


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