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Hexxit Server(no bukkit) ServerChunkCache overloading/not clearing


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so i play with friends on a little personal minecraft server and had experienced lag. the first reports of lag i received i chalked up to my poor upstream but after monitoring the pagefile sizes and reactivating the gui to watch the ServerChunkCaches per dimension i noticed that it seems that some mod within hexxit is not allowing the overworld(lvl 0) or twilight forest(lvl 7) to clear. i am running this on a normal desktop and i will be making a server machine but if these caches aren't allowed to clear i can't keep a server continually up even on a system meant to keep it up.

as i'm sitting here; i have two people fighting in the twilight forest and the reported ServerChunkCache(lvl 7) is 2215 and ServerChunkCache(lvl 0)6430.

are there any plugins or workarounds to clearing the chunk cache of a specific dimension without shutting down the server?

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