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Hexxit and other modpacks loading slowly (2 hours)


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Whenever I start to download a new modpack after another modpack I played before even after I restart my launcher I try to download it but it goes super slow even after 2 hours of waiting still has not installed completely. I am using windows 7 with 3GB of ram with technic launcher able to use 1.5 gb of that ram. Should I increase the size or what? Also I reset my launcher once already no luck just slow loading still. Please awnser ASAP as I have never found a problem on the forums like this yet.

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Gaming Graphics: 3D bussiness and gaming graphics performance 3.3

Processor: Cakculated per second 4.3

Memory (RAM): Memory operation per second 5.1

Graphics: Desktop performance for windows aero 3.5

Primary Hard Disk: Disk transfer data rate 5.9

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