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Submit pull request to Launcher- How to run launcher


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The bypass of the gear brought from the Colossus Smash is also very impressive. What we need to do is to keep the covering rate of the debuff, which means that you should use the Colossus Smash as soon as it is available.

While for the Raging Blow, as it uses two weapons to cause damages, you will get good benefits if you use it during the debuff of the Colossus Smash. If the buff of the Raging Blow is only one level, and the target has no debuff from the Colossus Smash, then you can choose not to use the Raging Blow first, that you can activate more Raging Blow during the debuff of the Colossus Smash.

In the stage of the Execute, you should put the Execute at the first priority. The other options will not be changed as well.

www.upitems.com is a place with many useful information that you may need for you and your game, you may like it as I do.

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