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[3.1.2] Grishord Games Classic [PvE][25 Slots][24/7] [Several Dupe Fixes][Grief Prevention][Ranks]


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Welcome to Grishord Games Classic! The Classic Division of the Grishord Games family of servers!

Website: Http://www.GrishordGames.com

IP: Classic.GrishordGames.com

Server Rules:

-No Cursing/Begging/Spamming/Caps/Advertising in chat

-Respect Staff and other players.

-No Hacked Clients etc

-Anti AFK Mechanisms are NOT allowed

-Do NOT place items for players that are not the proper rank to use them!

-Public chat must be kept English

-Automatic EMC farms are NOT allowed and will be removed with ITNT

Banned Items:

-All Anchors

-Nova Catalyst/Cataclysm

-DM Pedestal




-Some Amulets


-All Rings but Swiftwolf's

-Block Breakers

Dynmap Classic.GrishordGames.com:25566

Our ban list is shorter than most severs and we have fixes for several of the typically banned items such as RM Furnaces, Project Tables, Tanks Carts, and more!

We have a FULLY configured Grief Prevention so ALL your items will stay protected just as they should be! An easy and fun ranking system to give you goals to shoot for including the potential to be able to build your own Collectors!

We use a professional grade dedicated host so you don't have to worry about servers being down days or even hours at a time!

Great perks for voting!

Awesome perks for donating!

We have a community of 3 (Soon 4!) Servers including Vanilla, Lite, Classic and Hexxit coming soon!




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