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Hologram Battlefield Simulator v1.0 (Tekkit Classic Map)


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Hi guys. This is my second map/mini-game that I've created so far. This is H.B.S.-Hologram Battlefield Simulator. YOUR MISSION: Choose your soldiers and play against eachother . After you picked a team, grab your gear and pull the lever to open the door. After 15 secs, the shield is up and you must find a way to get into the opponents base, hack their computer with your keycard and either escape using the portal or watch them die as the Nuke blows up in their face!

The lobby:


The spawn set area with a day and night ceiling:


The Computer with a greeting:


The area where you split into different teams:


The battlefield warpers :


The Navy Ship Warfront (2003) :


The High Hills Warfront (1948) :


NOTE: I don't want this to cause any conflicts between countries. I randomly picked the countries which flags I'll be able to create. And don't mind the keycards (floppy disks), I just nothing smart enough to write on them.

Reply on this thread on what I should fix and if I should make a few more warfronts :)

Link to the map: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4eqni284oh77bg/War_v1.0.rar

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