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Hexxit stops downloading


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While trying to download Hexxit, everytime it will start loading slowly, starts to slow down then seems like it freezes, but after 10 mins or so it loads the file its on, and after like 30mins of this it stops on the "10% VanillaVillage" part. I have a windows 7 running avast, have tried increasing allocated memory and permgen size, tried excluding the technic pack from my antivirus, even disabling it while downloading, also have tried looking it up on the forums and nothing I see helps, even deleting and redownloading technic pack or just deleting the Hexxit file and trying again doesn't help. My java is also up to date. When it stops the download, the animations turn back on, it will still say "Launching" with the downloading bar on top, but it wont move. Also, tekkit does download, just not Hexxit. I have continuous tryed for a couple days, for about 1-4 hours a day to find the problem, but sadly I am not very good with computers

-Also when it starts to "freeze" my cpu hits 100% and my physical memory becomes full.

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Yea, i said that in the paragraph too lol, disabled it, also tried just to exclude the technic pack from it

-Now i try it on a computer I havn't used in a while and its working, looks like i get to use my computer after a year :P. I think my laptop wont download it because its just not powerful enough. Thanks for trying to help though.

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