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Sudden Lag. W/ warning: cant keep up

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So I've been hosting a server for myself and one other friend. Tonight I was playing by my self waiting for some dust to cook. When suddenly I started Lagging. Unplayable amount of lag. Looked at my server (had to Tab Alt to it) console and its stating the ; Warning Can't keep up ect ect message. 12Gb Ram 3.5MHz Amd Atholon II x4. We've been playing on this server for quite some time with no hitches or lag. Have tried stopping the server with the "stop" command which takes like 5 mins now to stop it. resetting my computer ( which I haven't changed anything since December 2012.) Deleting all of the server files ( except the launch folder) starting a new launch and adding my old files back into the new launch files. Add and subtracting Ram Allocation to the server. Letting the server run for about two hours with still unplayable amounts of lag. Like 2 fpM. Im tapped out and so is my internet search. I just got my church built to. But like I said I was just waiting for some Dust to cook and now my server is unplayable. Please help me. Fix this one or some advise on moving this world to a fresh server on my computer.

Thanks So much Mobius One

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