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Hexxit unique items gone in some chunks, not others.


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Hello, I've been playing on a friends hexxit 1.0.1 server for a few weeks now. We've build a base near spawn and adorned it with all the neat swag Hexxit has to offer: armor stands with armor, pots, steel chests, bushes from the nether, rare wood, and a meteor shield. However when I logged in last night I found 2 chunks near the base had reset to new terrain that didn't match the surrounding terrain and all of the hexxit unique items in the house had vanished, leaving only vanilla minecraft items. Even the Hexxit loot in the chests was gone. in fact, the steel chests had vanished entirely. A mine with more loot 20 blocks away was unaffected.

Any idea how this could have happened? Are there any diagnostics that can be run to fix this?

Thank you!

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