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[1.5.2]Official Mo' Creatures Server[Survival][40 Slots][Mo' Creatures Adventure Pack]

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Official Mo' Creatures Server

The official server for DrZhark's Mo' Creatures mod. Along with the Mo' Creatures mod, our server runs a variety of other mods, for the enjoyable experience of the players who join. With a good community of people, and staff, as well as many different things to occupy yourself with, you're guaranteed to have a blast! This server is 24/7.


The IP to the server is:

Server Rules

- No Griefing (This includes killing pets you don't own.)

- No Advertising other servers

- No Spamming, Swearing, or Scamming

- Absolutely no Racist, or Sexism allowed

- Keep all chat age appropriate

- Please be sure to respect all staff

- Do not use invisibility potions

- Absolutely no drama, or spreading rumors

- This is a no PVP server

- Do not use inappropriate: skins, names, or pet names

- No movement mods or hacks

- No redstone clocks without a lever

- Do not ask a staff member for: ranks, items, or creatures

Our Modpack

The server requires you to have the Official Mo' Creatures Modpack installed on your launcher. To do so, select 'Add New Pack' and enter the following link:

We hope to see you on!

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We recently added additional mods to help make the adventure more challenging. Similar to Diablo, you will notice all of our mobs have a rare chance to spawn into a rare champion with randomized abilities and a deep loot table. We also moved to a brand new server which has fixed all of our stability issues. Hope to see you soon =)

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I almost passed up this server because it was offline the first few days after this forum post. I'm glad I kept trying though, as it eventually came up and has been running stable ever since.

Wow. So much variety to the creatures in this pack! It's truly an amazing world to explore.

And terrifying to be in at night. I've never before seen so many zombies swarm around my house when the sun goes down, with mutants and infernals keeping things fun!

I highly recommend this server to anyone looking for fun new content, active mods, and a challenging experience!

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also does this mod pack have NEI

It does have NEI. Also, in order for me to use this mod, I had to do a clean install of java, technic launcher, and change the default memory in the launcher to 5GB. I still can only run the game on 1 of my 2 gaming computers and have no idea why it won't work on the other.

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Hello , I am french and Ineed help :how to connect to this server .I don't understand how and why you should select "add to new packs" but also has What is the web page: "http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/mocreatures-adventure-pack". exuse me my english is bad.


tu doit sélectionner "add modpack" pour ajouter ce pack de modes sinon tu ne pourra pas jouer dans ce serveur.

et quand tu appuies sur le button "add modpacks" il va te demander de mettre le lien du site pour qu'il puisse télécharger le mod ^^

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