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[1.0.5]RenaissanceCraft[PvP/Factions/PvE][30 Slots][OPENBETA][Full Content][Lots of Plugins]


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To Do: Better threads

Server IP: fluxaeros.no-ip.biz

ONLY Admins: Reeper, Flux

Basic Description: This server is a HUGE side project made into an exciting project! We are in a complete beta but have tons of hours spent in this and are starting out with a whitelist for beta testers. Dedication may follow up with possible helper positions in the future.

Open BETA: If there's room for you to play you can play! Plans are to put it on a dedicated server as soon as beta testing is done.

Only banned item is Ender Bow as there is NO way to prevent it from crashing ANY server.

Major Plugins and features include:

Full working essentials economy system,


All basic Essentials commands,

Arenas for PVP,

99% Functioning Shop,

PvE to be implemented,

Groups/Titles with 16 ranks including member, donor, helper and admin positions. (each position comes with new perks including sethomes and kits.

Working player/mob kill rewards to be implemented.

Player heads: enough said.

Scoreboard on the right to show Kills, Deaths, K/D and Balance.

Donation and Voting titles and rewards

Rule #1: No hacking, cheating, xraying, or harassing me and other mods.

Rule #2: Grief everything that you so feel inclined except for the PvP, PvE, Spawn and Shop areas.

Rule #3: Don't give us a reason to ban you.... and we aren't giving you free stuff, kits are already way too nice!

Rule #4: If you find any bugs, tell us. If you want to suggest something, do it.

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-Public exp farm/add exp to shop

-Beta rank

-Multiple ranks


-PVE plugin

-/kits for Baron, Count, Lord and Beta ranks

-add concentrated essence berries to /kit sirs

-update donation shop item descriptions/more items

-archery range

-fishing dock

-finish pricing in shop

-adjust rank prices to account for mob cash

-add mobs to mob cash

-figure out /warp vip

-add more decorations to vip lounge

-finish zoo

-funny ranks

-finalize MOTD automessages

-change first time user message

-screenshots and videos for server promotion

-rent public server host to minimize lag

-fix permissions in limbo


-public swimming pool

-player shops plugin and building

Heres a rough list of whats coming and being fixed.


We also want opinions from other people and what we should and shouldn't add.

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I've been on a lot of the more popular servers (that have between 20-50 average active users at any given time) and these are the five major problems they seem to have:

  • The game is way too easy. It's very easy to reach endgame quickly and become unkillable in any dungeon. Adventuring becomes trivial and boring.
  • The ore distribution is heavily inflated. Diamond is extremely common, making any lesser equipment type completely irrelevant. (this also makes the game way too easy)
  • The loot tables are heavily inflated. Farming dungeons (which is very easy with diamond armor) will give you everything you want/need for little effort. There's limited economic growth for trade, because farming endgame materials will also give you huge supplies of lesser materials.
  • As time goes on, the map gets 'used up' by players looting dungeons and gathering materials. This pushes newer players to venture further and further out to find pristine land, reducing interaction between players in the world because the playerbase is so heavily dispersed. (and you can abuse /warp commands to get around)
  • The servers tend to crash a lot. I don't know exactly why, but it's a degradation of performance over time, so it might be memory leaks or too many entities. Some servers use a 'garbage collection' plugin to remove items sitting on the ground every so often, and other optimizations.

Some of the issues with ore distribution and loot tables can be fixed by editing the config files. The different dungeon mods have configurable loot tables, and the cofh/tinker's config files allow you basic adjustment of ore distribution. Other balance issues are harder to fix (Giant swords make shields irrelevant, Steel makes Alumite irrelevant, Luck mods make exp gain lightning fast, etc).

In terms of difficulty, I would highly recommend running the server on hard mode and at least changing the ore distribution so diamond is more rare, and copper/tin is much more common. The rarity of different material types should be balanced based on their strength, so that all materials have a usefulness, and there's a steady progression in gear. I would also highly recommend at least removing drops of craftable items in chests in place of their materials (don't drop pre-made ender giant swords and livingmetal bars, otherwise what's the point in crafting them??) Another way of increasing difficulty is adding the Mo'Creatures mod (which adds some pretty difficult/cool new creatures), however your players would be required to install the mod as well.

In terms of the world being 'used up' over time, the best solution I've seen is on the play.hexxit.org server. They actually have three worlds, two of them being 'adventure worlds' that completely reset every two weeks. The third world is static, allowing players to venture out and build permanent homes. This is all contained within the same server, and going between worlds is done at the main town.

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This server could use more people! I haven't been on in a few days but I've only seen two or so on every day I've looked. Come on people! It's a good server, people are nice.

Dralics, there are reasons behind the ban. I only knew about the jail but didn't know about the ban.

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