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Suggestion: Add checkpoints mod.


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I think the checkpoints mod would be a good addition to the hexxit modpack.

it always feels like cheating to put keepinventory on and it is frustrating to do a bossfight all over again while losing all your precious weapons.

off course you could use charms of keeping but then you still have to run all the way back to the dungeon you died in if you plan to continue your quest.

i myself am using the mod alongside the pack already and i think other players would like this mod to be implemented as well.

please tell me why you like or dislike this idea!

thanks for reading .


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You can enchant your equipment with Soul Tether to prevent yourself from losing those items. Otherwise it's part of the challenge of the game, to plan ahead and make sure your most essential items are either stashed in a chest beforehand, or stored in an ender backpack.

Although if they were to add a mod, I think the spawn chest upon death mod would be a great addition. I don't like my items timing out of the world after 5 minutes, so I'd rather have the option of dying and having my inventory spawned in a chest upon death.

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