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[1.0.1] ArcanaGaming Hexxit PvP [50 Slots][McMMO][Factions][Griefing][Economy]


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Only The Most Fabulous Hexxit Server Yet!

Hexxit IP: hex.arcanagaming.co.uk

Website: http://arcanagaming.co.uk


Oh dear, just another terrible server, I bet you thought as you scrolled and clumsily joined the next Hexxit server. One day, I thought it was time to put a stop to this disgrace, me and my buddy got together, to create the best Hexxit server we could! After hours of working, attempting, failing, facepalming and finally succeeding, we finished our server. We're a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and sharp owners, training and picking our staff as wisely as we could. We decided that we were going to set up a Hexxit server - nobody could stop us in our path! Nothing except the errors that the log outputted, don't worry, they're all fixed now.

After working with several gaming communities and learning about what it takes to own, run and moderate a server so well that you can do everything and not go crazy too quickly! We're hoping not to get players, money or power, simply to host an awesome gaming community, funded by the community, giving you the best service possible. So, liking the story so far? Awesome. If you're already convinced go ahead and join, but if you're still pondering, keep reading!


Good point. What's different, awesome, or not just the same old server? Before you start playing, it's always good to know why you should join, and not go ahead and join a different server. So, here's a paragraph on which features we like to brag about:

The first, playing with others. What our server provides is a fair and fun gaming environment to match the needs of current minecraft players. We've grasped the concept of competition, what you, the players, secretly look for in servers. A chance to compete and shine among others. You'll find numerous ways to compete with others when you join, whether that will be your faction overpowering all else, becoming the strongest, or whether you are simply in it for the highest rank, the most respect and awesome features you can possibly earn. But that's not all, we want you, the community to suggest what you think is missing. Still like it? See you on the other side.


I expect your wondering what I am expecting the community to be like, and how we will try to get that up and running. With the servers features, we will attract different kinds of people for different kinds of things. Our community is built up of Faction PvP players, who are happy to get their ... blocks dirty to become to best faction of all. However, a faction isn't necessary, you can adventure, explore and become to best on your own, fight the factions and stay strong on your own. Who needs friends, eh? We aim to bring in the best staff possible, you can take a look at the staff hierarchy on our server. You start with a simple rank, and if you prove yourself, you'll be promoted to moderator. This is a great way to truly test skill, and that way, you, the community won't be controlled by absolute maniacs. Another trait of a bad server. At Arcana Gaming, we don't expect that every person that joins will like the server they're playing on, some because they are trolls and want to ruin our day, others truly do not like the concept. But I say, anybody that has continued to read this far, I congratulate you, and I must say, I think you just might enjoy the server!


On our Hexxit server, we have a great unique way of getting players to rank up, which won't need the constant attention of staff watching over you, to double check you really deserve it. With one simple command, and a certain amount of cash, you're up, off, and proudly hooked up with the next rank. Sweet, right? There are no tips or reminders to get you ranked up, and normal ranks can't be taken away from you. Just remember, the only way to get it is by getting the right amount of money, from whether it's fromdonating, earning, or winning, just use that command, and you're up and away.

One of the biggest questions I often get, is how you can get a moderator rank. It seems the minecraft community love staff ranks, but I can't be an exception, because so do I! You can apply for the first rank on our forums, once you match the requirements and follow the simple template. Here, if you read this, I'll give you some tips:

  • Read the Expectations and Responsibilities thread.
  • Make it as Special and Long as you can, but don't spam it.
  • Be Patient, you'll know if it's Good enough. And yes, it'll get checked.

If you can do what it takes, then I look forward to having you in our administrative team. Good luck!


Being told off sucks, right? Well here's how to avoid it, these are listed on the server, but if you want the advantage, or want to know before you join, here you go:

  • Rule #1: Hacking and Modded Clients are not allowed!
  • Rule #2: Raiding and Killing is allowed!
  • Rule #3: Spamming and Excessive Swearing is not allowed!
  • Rule #4: Advertising is not allowed!
  • Rule #5: Use Tickets to easily get hold of staff!
  • Rule #6: Harassing and Bullying is not allowed!
  • Rule #7: OP / Gamemode cannot be obtained from staff!
  • Rule #8: Have Fun!

There you go, nice and simple! Follow these rules and you'll have a better opportunity and experience on this server. Thanks for reading!


We took some interesting snapshots around the server to give you just a small preview and insight onto the building work and theme of our server:


A screenshot of a player enjoying our spawn.


A venturing player starting their exciting adventure (leaving spawn).


A player celebrating in their house as they start their adventure.


As of today, our only other server is a Bukkit server. The IP is listed below, however, I expect you're here for the Hexxit. We're hoping to expand in the future, but for that, we need you guys.

Bukkit IP: play.arcanagaming.co.uk

Wow, enough text and typing for today, I say so myself. It's time I got to bed. If you can make the time and effort to join our server, I won't promise anything, but I'm pretty sure you won't regret it. We are trying for only the best server, experience and community that we can bring to the community itself.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the other side!2utp1l4.gif

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