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Tekkit Save Lag

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I started a tekkit server recently with no more than 4 people on it at a time. We have all have zero lag problems until today. I was playing with 100+ fps now I'm "playing" with 1-5 fps. I moved the "world" "world_nether" and the "world_the_end" files to my desktop. When I restarted the server it created new world files and I was able to log in and play on them with no lag (100+ fps). I also copied the "world" file and put it into my tekkit single player "saves" file when I opened up the world in single player it was still at 1-5 fps. I think the problem is with the tekkit save itself, but I don't know how to fix it. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.


I destroyed all the pipes and picked up all the overflow items that were on the ground and the lag stopped immediately.

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