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[0.6.5]MaxgLite [PvE][18slots][Mystcraft] Family Friendly

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of MaxgLite!


Server IP:

If there are any issues contact me on skype @ joshua.huke

MaxgLite is a, family safe, PvE environment. We are here to strive to be the best server, with a range of players from all over the world - and community that is always here to have a joke, and willing to help (give advice) anyone! We have, an almost, 100% uptime - however to reduce strain on the server we have regular restart. They only last for a few moments, and you'll be able to get playing very quickly.

Currently we are a small community, with a range of players - from America to Switzerland. We have constant supply, of highly skilled admins there to help you...and to deal justice to anyone! And most of all have fun!

Our server, it hold regular (random) events which anyone can participate in and have a chance to win some prizes! The games have ranged from, 'cops and robbers' to a 'MaxgLite Olympics' to a 'treasure hunt'.

We also have a shopping mall, which you can have a shop in - at request!

We also have many places to explore built by the admins, and players


RULES:Be respectful of other players; would you like it if they did that to you?

Please don't trespass on other peoples land - and kill their animals/pets!

No use of bugs to gain an unfair advantage -eg, duping items

Don't purposefully lag the server (eg braking chests)

Mining turtles, quarries, Steve's carts to be used in your claimed chunks and limited to one person. Do not use them for static chunk loading

Do not use your quarrie in lava/water as it will lag the server

Minium stone CANNOT be used outside of a crafting table


BANNED ITEMS:Mining laser


Industrial Nukes

Crystal Chests

Block Breakers

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