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Tekkit Classic Client Mods FIX Please help!


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I have a Classic Tekkit my server and a corresponding client is their own.

Unfortunately, even part of the Update client does not really work because it does not list the correct mode. The NEI was not full as it is. I do not know which version would be good for the client, but the bukkit server mode and NotEnoughItems called codechicken core 0.5.3r3 bukkit version is up. What to do? Already nearly all the way in Minecraft version 1.2.5 of NEI tried out.

Original is not being charged. It will load but will not start. The minecraft.jar is in the forge modloader the other mode is the mods folder. I put the latter codechicken Version 0.5.2 minecraft.jar in the way of making the 41-mode loaded 39 NEI is still there, even though it is charged with mods list the item but you do not see in the game after this letter marks. Help!

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