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[Installation] How to add Mo' Creatures


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Hey there, I've seen many people having trouble installing Mo' Creatures into Tekkit Lite (Ver 0.6.5)

I have found a quick and simple way to install Mo' creatures

First off you need to download the link below


(Make sure you have Win Rar or 7 Zip to extract the files)

Once you've extracted the files, follow this quick step by step guide

1. Locate your Tekkit Lite ( Start Menu -> Run -> (Type) %Appdata% -> .Technic -> Tekkitlite)

2. In the extracted folder, Move the Coremods over to your Tekkitlite folder

3. Repeat for Mods folder

There your done, you've should have successfully installed Mo' Creatures into Tekkit lite!

(If there are any problems or if someone wants to post a better guide, feel free! I shall just replace it with mine!)

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