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Age 21+ Very Small Population UK Based (Nitrous Networks) Big Dig Server


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Good Evening,

I have had a server for a while now but just got into BigDig and it is just what I want, plenty of machinery and experimenting, with minimal grind.

I am 33 and like most have a full time job and RL commitments so don't have time to run a complicated server and am looking for a small population of about 5 like minded people over 21 Yrs Old who enjoy Survival and Big Dig and want a multiplayer environment with the freedom of a SMP to enjoy.

I will be funding the server at it's current spec of 1.5GB RAM. If people want to expand it when they are on they can contribute and we can discuss expansion plans if people want to take some ownership.

I love playing survival but have also enjoyed the multiplayer in the past but want to have my own server environment again.

My server will be running on Trust and am hopeful griefing will not occur.... I can be hopeful!

If you are interested send me a message on Skype and we can have a chat ... Whitelist is in operation.

Skype: mr1ncognit0

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