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My tekkit server fails to launch completely

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I am not a very 'techy' person and have never posted on the forum before but my description of what has happened is that my server runs as it always would up to a certain point and i do not know what the problem is

Here is a copy of what the console tells me (sorry if theres an easier way to do this):

182 recipes

27 achievements

12:14:52 [iNFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5

12:14:52 [iNFO] Attempting early MinecraftForge initialization

12:14:52 [iNFO] Completed early MinecraftForge initialization

12:14:52 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 loading

12:14:53 [iNFO] Loading mods from C:\Users\Sam Fanson\Desktop\Tekkit_Server_3.1.


12:14:53 [iNFO] Directory weaponmod contained no mods

12:14:53 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader has loaded 38 mods

12:14:53 [iNFO] MinecraftForge v3.3.8.152 Initialized

12:14:53 [iNFO] MinecraftForge v3.3.8.152 Initialized

12:14:53 [iNFO] [WeaponMod] Properties file read succesfully!

12:14:53 [WARNING] Configuration for mod_ComputerCraft.enableAPI_http found valu

e 0 outside acceptable range 4.9E-324,1.7976931348623157E308

12:14:53 [iNFO] Loading ComputerCraft: To change block IDs, modify config/mod_Co


12:14:53 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: computerBlockID 207

12:14:53 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: diskDriveBlockID 208

12:14:53 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: diskItemID 4000

12:14:53 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -49 item slot already occupied by dan200.computer.sha

[email protected] while adding [email protected]

12:14:53 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: Searching for RedPowerLib...

12:14:53 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: RedPowerLib and methods located.

12:14:53 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -48 item slot already occupied by dan200.computer.sha

[email protected] while adding [email protected]

12:14:53 [iNFO] Initializing alchemy values for Equivalent Exchange..

12:14:53 [iNFO] NetherOres: loaded Macerator Recipes

12:14:53 [iNFO] Loading properties

12:14:53 [iNFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565

12:14:54 [iNFO] Loaded codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.CommandFreq

12:14:54 [iNFO] [iC2] Config loaded from C:\Users\Sam Fanson\Desktop\Tekkit_Serv


12:14:55 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ 1237 item slot already occupied by ccSensors.shared.I

[email protected] while adding [email protected]


12:14:55 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -41 item slot already occupied by ccSensors.shared.It

[email protected] while adding [email protected]


12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: Buildcraft

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: IndustrialCraft2

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: Forestry

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_Forestry not found - SensorModule is disab


12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: RedPower2

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: EquivalentExchange

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: APS

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_BuildcraftAPS not found - SensorModule is


12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: APS

12:14:55 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_ThaumCraft not found - SensorModule is dis


12:14:55 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -78 item slot already occupied by net.minecraft.serve

[email protected] while adding [email protected]


12:14:55 [iNFO] CompactSolars: MinecraftForge minor version mismatch, expecting

3.2.x, may lead to unexpected behavior

12:14:55 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -204 item slot already occupied by net.minecraft.serv

[email protected] while adding [email protected]


12:14:55 [iNFO] RedPowerCore: MinecraftForge minor version mismatch, expecting 3

.1.x, may lead to unexpected behavior

12:14:55 [iNFO] Starting BuildCraft 2.2.14

12:14:55 [iNFO] Copyright © SpaceToad, 2011

12:14:55 [iNFO] http://www.mod-buildcraft.com

12:14:56 [iNFO] [iC2] Loading IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x

12:14:56 [iNFO] [iC2] BuildCraft integration module loaded

12:14:56 [iNFO] [iC2] Loaded minor compatibility modules: none

12:14:56 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: turtleBlockID 216

12:14:56 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -40 item slot already occupied by dan200.turtle.share

[email protected] while adding [email protected]

12:14:56 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader load complete, 38 mods loaded

12:14:56 [iNFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-jenkins-Cr

aftBukkit-173 (MC: 1.2.5) (Implementing API version 1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT)

12:14:56 [WARNING] Could not get information about this CraftBukkit version; per

haps you are running a custom one?: IOException

12:14:56 [WARNING] Could not get latest artifact information: IOException

12:14:57 [iNFO] [PermissionsEx] sql backend registered!

12:14:57 [iNFO] [PermissionsEx] file backend registered!

12:14:57 [iNFO] [PermissionsEx] PermissionEx plugin initialized.

12:14:58 [iNFO] [MultiWorld] Loading MultiWorld v3.3.0

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftEnergy vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWiring vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [VoxelSniper] Loading VoxelSniper v5.132

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftCore vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [spamGuard] Loading SpamGuard v1.0 BETA-1

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmibisCore vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault] Loading Vault v1.2.15-b172

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftFactory vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_NetherOres vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [ecoCreature] Loading ecoCreature v0.1.0-b30

12:14:58 [iNFO] [AutoMessage] Loading AutoMessage v1.4

12:14:58 [iNFO] [VoxelUpdate] Loading VoxelUpdate v1.1.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_EE vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_TubeStuff vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [DisguiseCraft] Loading DisguiseCraft v2.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Timber] Loading Timber v1

12:14:58 [iNFO] [OpenInv] Loading OpenInv v1.8.5

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_CCTurtle vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2NuclearControl vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_ccSensors vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmiChunkLoaders vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [MobDisguise] Loading MobDisguise v1.81

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_CompactSolars vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneCore vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2_ChargingBench vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_IronChest vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_MinecraftForge vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [WorldEdit] Loading WorldEdit v5.3

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerControl vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [PermissionsEx] Loading PermissionsEx v1.19.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] [PermissionsEx] Initializing file backend

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2 vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerMachine vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftBuilders vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLighting vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Loading WorldGuard v5.5.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Jail] Loading Jail v2.1.3

12:14:58 [iNFO] [simpleRestart] Loading SimpleRestart v1.3.3

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWorld vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [TekkitCustomizer] Loading TekkitCustomizer v1.5.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_ComputerCraft vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftTransport vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_NotEnoughItems vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Loading CoreProtect v2.04

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_PowerConverters vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_AdditionalPipes vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2AdvancedMachines vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_Railcraft vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerCore vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Timeismoney] Loading Timeismoney v0.5

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLogic vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Modifyworld] Loading Modifyworld v1.19

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_ModularForceFieldSystem vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [AutoSaveWorld] Loading AutoSaveWorld v3.2

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_EnderStorage vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading mod_CodeChickenCore vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] Loading Balkon's WeaponMod vForgeMod

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Essentials] Loading Essentials vDev2.9.337

12:14:58 [iNFO] [CommandSigns] Loading CommandSigns v1.6.0

12:14:58 [iNFO] [EssentialsChat] Loading EssentialsChat vDev2.9.337

12:14:58 [iNFO] [EssentialsProtect] Loading EssentialsProtect vDev2.9.337

12:14:58 [iNFO] MLog clients using java 1.4+ standard logging.

12:14:58 [iNFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Loading EssentialsSpawn vDev2.9.337

12:14:58 [iNFO] [VanishNoPacket] Loading VanishNoPacket v3.10

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Factions] Loading Factions v1.6.7

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault] Enabling Vault v1.2.15-b172

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy found: Waiting

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault][Permission] PermissionsEx found: Waiting

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault][Permission] SuperPermissions loaded as backup permission


12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault][Chat] PermissionsEx found: Waiting

12:14:58 [iNFO] [Vault] Enabled Version 1.2.15-b172

12:14:58 [iNFO] Preparing level "world"

12:14:58 [iNFO] Default game type: 0

12:14:58 [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException

12:14:58 [sEVERE] at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEther.setDi


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.SaveManager.loadDim


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEther.reloa


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEtherSaveHa


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at forge.ForgeHooks.onWorldLoad(ForgeHooks.java:292)

12:14:58 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.<init>(WorldServer.j


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServe


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftSe


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftSer


12:14:58 [sEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(Sour


12:14:58 [sEVERE] Unexpected exception


at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEther.setDimensionTransmitt


at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.SaveManager.loadDimensionHash(SaveM


at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEther.reload(RedstoneEther.


at codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.RedstoneEtherSaveHandler.onWorldLoa


at forge.ForgeHooks.onWorldLoad(ForgeHooks.java:292)

at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.<init>(WorldServer.java:37)

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:276)

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:208)

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:438)

at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492)


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