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Hexxit Server and Multiworld/Multiverse and other stuf.


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Hi, I am new here and from Norweay so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or my english is bad.

I have been searching around the web to find how to use multiworld with hexxit server. the best way I have found is using multiworld and bukkitfoirge as it actually shoiws the name for the worlds. The problem is I see many servers using multiple worlds and I knoiw I cannot create a world so therefore I have to import it.

Can someone please help with explaing how to create a new world and how to import a new world to a server?

I am also wondering what is best to use MCPC+ or BukkitForge? I find that essentials work better maybe with MCPC+. Fly speed etc does not work with bukkitforge for me. Any help is appreciated with this.

If more info is needed I am happy to try to explain more. Hope someone can help me with this.

Thank you.



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