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[1.0.5] Flexxit Hexxit [PvE][50][Greylisted for Staff]


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Server Address: s44.hosthorde.com:25593


1. No Drama

2. No Griefing

3. Use Common Sense

Major mods removed:

-Natura to prevent server crashes

-BetterDungeons to prevent frequent server crashes


-Admin Chat







-Secure Chests


This is a server for players,by players, and built around the casual player.

Expected Uptime: 24/7





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Heys guys. I'm the owner of this server. Just dropping by to say hello. I wanted to make a no-nonsense server for the public to enjoy, so I've opened this server to all, no white-list. It's a legit server, so I've made sure the moderators I have on it are not using creative outside of the creative specific area (extremely distant from the "normal world). Additionally, this is your world, as well, so hop in, go explore, and have fun!

The moderators won't mess with anyone as long as the rules are being followed *ie no griefing*.

If the server becomes well populated, I'll upgrade the server to unlimited guests + unlimited ram to handle more people. For now, I'm limiting it to 50 players.

We've created a welcome area for guests. If you stick around enough to be a regular, I created a special colored rank for you and you'll be tagged as a member. I hope to see you soon!

Contact: [email protected]

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Hi im a member and this is one of the best servers for people who don't like being griefed and just like building in survival. The staff is really nice especially Rp the owner because hes the nicest guy in the world he helps you with everything.

-Phildrewtwins My minecraft username (P.S Rp keep up the good work)

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