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Issue sort Bee's in chest crashes client


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Hi there,

I've been experiencing a bug with the sorting feature in iron/silver chests (probably the same for all chests). The thing is whenever I have a large amount of different bee species in one chest, it crashed my client when I click the sorting button to group them horizontally . (The server also runs on my very same machine but works on fine).

Did anybody else experience this issue? I try to make it reproducable somehow but didn't see what combination is exactly causing the problem.

By the way: Because the ID of all drones is the same: it would also nice if the sort feature in a chest would group drones by species. If someone can have a look at this, that would be great :)

Thanks for your help!



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Sort%20bees.PNG I found a variant with only pure Imperial drones where the sorting crashes the client. On the left side are "Slower work, short life" drones, on the right side are "slower work, shortened life" drones. All are pure imperial drones.
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