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Reply If You Need Help Setting Up Your Server

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Hey Everyone,

I am looking to help people set up new tekkit classics servers....

I can set servers up from scratch and I can do things like:

-Stop Hackers from hacking

-Set Up Rank Systems

-Configure Plugins

-Make Server Website with Ranks

and much more....

Please Reply If You Need Your Server Setting Up!!!


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Hi I am looking to start a tekkit classic server but I can't port the ip and I don't want to buy hosting as it doesn't have to be 24/7 but if possible I would like it to be. I can do all the plugins and ranks and the website but was really looking for a hoster you would most definetly get an owner rank on the server if it did work out and if we got any donations you would get them. If you would do this I would be very grateful if you could pm me and we can discuss everything.

P.S I fully understand that this is asking alot and I understand if you can't do it

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