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Looking for some adventuring?! I am!!


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So basically I got tired of endlessly going through the threads and trying to post applications for servers that have already been filled by past applicants. Now I'm here and I'm gunna throw up my application for you guys to check out and hopefully recruit me!

Minecraft Name: austin_da_pimp (I made it a long time ago...)

Age: 21

Game type: Casual/Fun (I love gaming with other people and I haven't really had that experience yet on minecraft or hexxit for that matter)

Creativity Level: 1-10 I would say a 6. I have my moments, but it's more about the adventuring for me. :D

Loyalty/Dependability: I'm a really dedicated guy. If I were accepted on a server I would be active, around my schedule of course, and loyal to the rules and regulations of said server.

Skype: Yes

Vent: Yes

Look, I mainly just wanna have a good time with a close knit group of hexxit goers. I love laughing and having fun. And I love making new friends. I'm not really about the huge 100+ servers where new people jump in everyday. I'm looking more for a server of 10-15 players where we can all get to know each other and do what we do best. Build and raid and plunder the dungeons of HEXXIT!!!

P.S. If you have any further questions just hit me up with a PM.

P.P.S I have maybe even thought about making a youtube channel and posting regular videos on there with a few other people on the server I'm thinking about joining, just to make things interesting and show everybody our awesome journeys. :)

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