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[1.5.2] The World of Pookonea! [PvE] [Open] [100 Slots] [Pookonea Modpack]

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Come join us at Pookonea!

A new Tekkit based 1.5.2 server with many many mods.

1. Download the Technic Launcher

2. +Add "http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pookonea" (right click and copy link)

3. Connect and join The World of Pookonea under Multiplayer.

4. Come join our new budding community!

or visit http://www.pookonea.com for installation instructions!

TechnicPack Webpage

Server IP / play.pookonea.com

Server Rules

  • Don't Cheat
  • Don't Grief
  • Don't Abuse

24/7 Uptime!

I was tired of the stability issues with a lot of the modded minecraft servers out there. I was sick of worlds getting corrupted and losing everything I had been working on for months. With this in the back of my mind I set about creating a stable server with a regimented backup procedure. If you are looking for a fun server with a bundle of cool mods and descent stability feel free to come join our community.

  • Grief Prevention
  • SRM Rent a shop plot at spawn and sell items to other players using ChestShops
  • RegionPosts
  • iConomy
  • Voting! $100 in game money for each listed site, per day!

Many Many Technic and fun mods including;

  • Buildcraft (All those lovely machines Use Quarries in the Resource World!)
  • IC2 (All the machines you are used to)
  • Railcraft (All those railroads/steam engines and machines you love)
  • Thermal Expansion (all the extra machines!)
  • Galacticraft (Come fly to the Moon, and drive around in a moon buggy)
  • MineFactoryReloaded (Auto farming! and DSU's. Collect 2 Billion cobble in one storage device)
  • ModularPowerSuits (Build yourself an epic PowerSuit!)
  • Forestry & Extra Bees/Trees (More trees and bees than you can imagine)
  • Applied Energistics (Amazing autocrafting and epic storage solutions)
  • Bibliocraft & Bibliowoods (Make your base look really awesome!)
  • HouseHoldGods (Assemble statues of Gods from components found in the nether and watch what happens!)

Plus all the addon mods like nuclear control and compact solar arrays for IC2 and a bundle more!

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Now has Better Dungeons! for people who just want a mod pack to play with by themselves :)

$1000 for a +1 to the Technic Launcher Pack, $500 on joining and $100 in game daily per vote.

Come help us build an active economy!!

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