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[1.5.2]IconusCraft[Whitelist][45 Slots][PvE]The Official IconusPack Server

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IconusCraft is a small server run by me, iconmaster5326. It's a friendly, small place that has been only recently public, so it definitely needs some other people! The only server plugins it uses is Forge Essentials. It doesn't have too many regulations, and I'm hoping to have a tight-knit group of people on my server. Like IconusPack itself, IconusCraft tries to be as simple as possible! Someone looking for some simple fun without the complex dynamics of a large server should check out IconusCraft.

IconusCraft uses the most recent version of IconusPack. IconusCraft updates the modpack every Friday. Backups of the server are made every 6 hours. The server runs Forge Essentials, which provides region protection and chat commands. IconusCraft operates 24/7.


IconusCraft has very few rules:

  • No griefing
  • No harassment
  • No using cheat mods (in-mod exploits are fine, I guess)

Application Process:

It's very simple. Just respond in this thread with your Minecraft username, a few paragraphs or so describing you and your Mineraft history, and any other contact information you might want to give me. I hope to see you in my server soon!

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