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error report and tekkit crash on server join

Guest fondelaar

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Guest fondelaar

hello, i joined a new server a few days ago, and i realy love playing on it. yesterday i got promoted to admin (YAY!!!) but now i cant join the server anymore!! when i connect, it says "logging in", then it flashes and sais "logging in" again, then i get an white screen and after a few secconds it shows an error report wich i cant read cuz it disapears instantly!!

so now:

  • [li]is there a way to fix this?[/li]
    [li]is there a way to capture this error log?[/li]

i always use the lastest build of both the launger and tekki

java: java 7

OS: is windows 7 64 bit

graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6310

i hope you can help me....

it could be helpfull to be able to join as admin....

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