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No Banned Items Tekkit Server Solution!


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so i recently started a tekkit server without banned items. at first the whole spawn was Nuked. therefore, i downloaded multiverse and multiverse invintories. the spawn was in its own world, that way people couldnt bring nukes into spawn. except a hacker came on and blew the spawn up, so i thought, they cant break protected land or anything, they cant place blocks there, they had nuked outside the safezone. so i claimed the land as a safezone and built a new spawn but it had a top on it so hackers couldnt get out. their only way was to warp to the Factions world. i patched the creative hack now, but just in case.the only other problem is what if someone Nukes the /warp Factions spot? well, all you have to do is either

1: claim it as a safezone

2: up the spawn protection in server.properties

These strategies have helped getting new people on and preventing hackers. i posted this here for 2 reasons,

1: if there is any way to still cause spawn destruction i need to know about it.

2: so you can use these if you want a server like mine.

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