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I recently started my own server and decided to give BigDig a try. Yesterday the server was running fine, today.. not so much. When attempting to log into the server, the world is completely black and the character is falling. After about 10 seconds, there is a timeout. I have 3gb dedicated to the game from the launcher, as well as increased permgen size. Here is what I see in my server's console after attempting to connect, and eventually shutting the server off.

http://pastebin.com/wci5P6ed (After server restart)

http://pastebin.com/yBV2Y3Pq (After attempting to connect)

Update: Ended up deleting my world file and starting anew (only 1 day worth of work.) Something must have corrupted my world, but I haven't figured out what. The only thing I personally worked on was thermal expansion machines and some minor forestry machines (carpenter and thermionic fabricator.) If anyone knows what causes an entire world to stop working it would be great to know.

Update: Turns out dimensional anchors were causing my problem. They were running just fine until I restarted the server, causing the world to not load.

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