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[1.5.2]Desolation Magic vs. Machine[PvP][40Slots][Desolation]

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Desolation Gaming has been around for 5 years hosting some of the most challenging minecraft servers. Some may say we started "hardcore pvp" in minecraft with jail, deathban, and harsh, unique world designs straying away from the normal to achieve that server that just challenges you where you feel like you accomplished something.



Untitled-2_zps6a0a5063.png The Contents:

Untitled-2_zps6a0a5063.png Our rules:

This is a pvp server with guns and explosives that can wipe out your whole base. Do you understand that you can lose everything at anytime?

Untitled-2_zps6a0a5063.png What you can do:

Steal anything.

Destroy bases.

Betray anyone.

Untitled-2_zps6a0a5063.png What you cannot do:

Sethome inside someone elses faction home.

You cannot use 3rd party tools to gain an advantage, hacking will get you banned regardless if you donated or did not.

You cannot find ways to exploit terrain or blow up portals. Anyone found breaking portals will be instant/perma ban.

You cannot find exploits to enter force fields. We have measures in place to find out if you do. This will result in a ban.

Anyone using banned items to grief spawn, exploit or dupe will be banned.

Any form of harassment, sexual, verbal abuse, racism, stalking same person ect ect.

We reserve the right to ban at will regardless of donator status.

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