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[1.0.5] ArcadiaMC [PvP / PvE | 40 | Open | McMMO, Factions, Economy | No lag! (1GBit) | HIRING! ]


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Teamspeak: teamspeak.arcadiamc.info


Website: http://ARCADIAMC.INFO

Hub: http://voxelgaming.net



1. Griefing and raiding is allowed, so don't complain if you get obliterated.

2. Racism and other types of discrimination are strictly prohibited.

3. Flaming, raging, caps, spam, advertising, examples of things you should not do on our server.

4. Duping, glitching into bases, and any other types of glitches are intolerable on our server.

5. You are allowed to argue with admins, as long as you don't show aggression.

6. The use of X-Rays, fly hacks, kill auras, and other "hacks" will result in an ipban, enforced with McBans.

7. Do not beg admins for ranks, features, items, or other unreasonable favors.

Disabled Features:


Emporer's Chalice





• Factions

• Faction chat

• Global Market


• MobRewards

• Essentials

• IConomy

• Lottery

• Votifier

• Bounties

• Citizens

Requirements to apply:


*Must have had played on our server for at least a week

*Must be over the age of 16 and mature

About: ArcadiaMC is the second project by the Mc³TotalConversion team, it's an mmo/rpg oriented minecraft server using hexxit and a fine selection of plugins to simulate an ultra detailed mmo/rpg atmosphere. Our goal is to create a thriving community of players.

Target audience: We aim to attract mature minecrafters who are addicted to minecraft mods, you won't find a single minecraft server owned by us that lacks mods!

Donations: Click here!




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