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Looking For LP Sever Host (Tekkit Classic)


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Hey guys, I'm looking for a mature(16+), well balanced, and good spirited host to run a tekkit server for a new let's play. The only reason I can't run my server is because when i record, play tekkit, and run the server, my computer poops itself. If i can get one supporting character, and one server host/supporting character we can get this going. Here's the application.

IGN: beta8374

Age: 17



Tekkit Experience: 2 years, mostly EE and IC2

Can you record (Y/N): Y

Can you host (Y/N): N

Skype (Y/N): Y

Skype I.D.: Will tell in private message. (or you can post. idc)

Mic (Y/N):

When can you play (EST):

Role Preference: Builder, Mage, Scientist, Miner...etc

Easy Application Form (Without my stuff)






Can you record (Y/N):

Can you host (Y/N):

Skype (Y/N):

Skype I.D.:

Mic (Y/N):

When can you play (EST):

Role Preference:

So apply up and ill tell you guys in 24-48 hours who is approved!!

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