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Fake Edge - HD Gaming Channel - Minecraft, CastleMinerZ, Left4Dead2 and More Upcoming Games!


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Hello people!

I'd like to introduce myself as a new Youtuber, this is the first time I have a go at this and have been enjoying thus far! A little about myself; I'm 18 years old and absolutely love Minecraft, along with countless other game titles. Gaming is most certainly a hobby, if not a passion of mine. Fake Edge is a gaming name I came up with to use as my Xbox Live Name, since then, it's developed and become my standard name ingame.

I wanted to share that with you, an audience, keen on seeing new ideas implemented on Youtube. Every other channel has the same idea, alright.. a let's play of Minecraft. I'd like to approach this differently. It may take time and a bunch of support from you guys, but it is an achievable goal! I've started off the channel with a series named; The Sphere, where I tag team with my younger brother (Being supportive here, he too loves Minecraft and the whole Youtube idea, So I thought it'd be nice to include him) and attempt to meet all the given goals/achievements presented by the adventure map.

I certainly have plans for the future of this channel, a little something that should set it aside from other channels; but all in due time. Preparation is key here and I want this to play out perfectly. I plan on developing myself through this channel, and using it as a medium to propose a better future to the viewers. I know how tiring seeing the same old video can get, so I too, wish to change this.

What I ask of you, the viewer, is your support, as I grow and develop this channel.

This can be done by viewing the videos posted and offering constructive criticism, but it may also include bringing in your own ideas as to what you feel would suit my form of commentaries over the feature game play. I am not important, you are, the viewer is the one that must be entertained, and I will do my utter best to achieve this!

So, without further adieu, the link to my channel:


And to make things a little easier, here's a taste of what I have to offer; Episode 1 of The Sphere:

I will do my best to release a video a day. At the latest, once every other day.

The channel will feature countless other game titles, but all in due time!

If you wish to view gameplay of a certain game, feel free to request such in a comment on one of the videos, or even on this forum post directly below!

Thank you for your time,

I know this has been a mouthful,

Fake Edge.

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